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Santa Barbara has been a constant string of sync moments from the second I left LA. To think that Divine Guidance put me here led to the realization ‘What else will come if I just let go?’ I came here with the intention of spiritual solidarity and an environment that supports my deepest desires – spirituality, nature, healing, yoga, great friends, and a ‘rebirth.’

I find it rather a-musing that I have been trying to write this blog now for well over 11 days and am just NOW putting myself into the flow to finish it. Could it be all of these synchronous events unfolding one-by-one? It’s rather insane, if you ask me. Insane in a good way – something I’m not entirely used to.

The original intent of this blog was to write about the Wise Owl Healing Fair, but so much more has happened since then. It almost seems like two weeks feels more like two months. But things are amazing and they are building beyond what I have ever known.

The fair was the fiery genesis what has now become a furious passion. As thirty something people locked hands to illuminate the start of the Wise Owl, It was not soon after that I met my spirit brother that I had longed to see for so long, Mahadeva Vodopija. The essence of his presence is so potent; I can clearly see why he and Anya Lei fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

I learned so much about myself that day. I felt as if I was shedding skin. Becoming anew. But then again, I was. Swept away by the sound healing of Luna Love and David Jesse Kennet, juxtaposed into Shakti bliss by the angelic voice of Anya Zama Deva, grounded with life force energy via Matthew Jones, whisked into the dance by Nicky LeFleur, Lisa Beck and the Djun Djun Mamas, and lastly, blessed with an angelic ‘galactivation’ with Dr. Dream.

I walked away with my spirit rising higher than ever. New friends. New ventures. And a dream that isn’t a dream any longer, but rather, reality while awake – LUCIDITY FESTIVAL. Armed with a tuning fork set to the cosmic musical scale, prepare to be awakened and reinforced with life energy as the steady tone integrates into your being.

Which made me think… What is my path now? The answer has come. Since the Wise Owl, Consciousness Camp 1 brought a new opportunity to me last weekend – my Reiki I attunement, set to happen this Saturday at Equinox.

I find it so very interesting that, with the breath of spring, feminine energies jump up like the flame on a candlewick. But the synchronicities don’t end here. Following my attunement to Reiki, next I will be attuned by the energies of nature, thanks to my wonderful friend, Erin Mackley. I feel so blessed to have all of these moments falling into line – from my healing practices taking off, to solidifying a blissful life in surroundings I love, to my plans for the future.

The number 5 has something to do with it. You know those little spiritual things called ‘angel numbers?’ No? Check here –

‘5’ has been following me since the day I got here. And what does 5 mean exactly?

— Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing seeing and feeling yourself to be at peace.

Even today, the number appeared endlessly, as if on a cosmic acid trip with Sesame Street playing as the backdrop.

Another very interesting synchronicity is in that Adrienne, the owner of Power of Your OM ( Yoga is from the same suburb of Chicago as I, as well as having graduated high school the same year at a rival school. Trip out, right? Synchronicity? I think so.

With all of this happening so fast, I realize what my truth is, and I have set my plan to put life into motion. $45 for unlimited yoga will intensify my practice. Follow this up with 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings. From here, I will go back to Santa Monica to complete yoga teacher training at Bhakti Yoga Shala, as well as Govindas’ Kirtan Intensive. That is, of course, in addition to achieving Reiki II and Reiki Master levels… And the same for Karuna Reiki. Add to that, my octagonal dream healing center/studio and a voyage to India to learn with the revered masters. You now have a view into my present and future.


~ Bhagavate Om

I haven’t written in some time, so I thought I’d put this up before heading to my world of dreamy bliss! I must say, what a DAY! What a week, actually. Well… Almost. Since being here in Santa Barbara, I have seen larger-than-life transformations for myself.

It took a few days for reality to set in, but now that I am at my clearest mind state, I can write uninterrupted with full clarity of my thoughts. I left Los Angeles upon the notion that things just weren’t working out. Jobs weren’t hiring me. Living situation had rolled downhill… I had a choice – try to survive or start something new.

So I decided to leave this ‘life’ behind and find a ride to Santa Barbara, where spirit sister, Aurora Wesman was waiting for me. The ride out with Danielle Netko was a great one! Flowing conversation the whole way. Very inspiring too, may I add. Listening to someone talk about the adventures of her life was so inspiring to me. It was here that I said to myself, “What have I been doing for the last ten years? Just trying to make it out alive?” Just like the Alpha 2 track, ‘Let it Go,’ “Do you ever wonder what it means to be alive? Or have you been too busy just trying to survive? This is your life. Don’t let it pass you by. Enjoy each moment before you die!”

To finally let go and just let the universe flow has been a great experience in itself. I asked the universe for a few things when my time expired in LA – nature, water, organic food stores, a place where few knew my name… All of these things would help me purify my spirit and start with a  “clean slate.” Upon arriving, I found that the universe had heard my beckon and responded.

The first few days weren’t easy, however. It seemed as if I was going through some sort of Los Angeles withdrawl. Usually come nighttime, I felt extremely drained and tired. Others have reported the same when transporting from SB to LA. I’m mostly through it now. I’ve also realized that many non-organic foods now make me sick. So I’m back on to a serious health kick.

As a promise to myself, I require five things of myself daily – yoga, meditation, running/exercise, good eating, and being good to my body. 99% of the 6 days I have been here, I have done all of this. It feels good to know that I am on a ‘road to recovery’ after all of the damage I’ve been doing to my body over the time I was down south. The air is a lot cleaner here too, which allows me to breathe better.

My friend and former instructor, Crystal Erickson has made the transport down here too, so I’ve got friends not too far away from me! It’s a three mile walk across town, unlike LA which takes forever and a day to get across.

(to be continued)

Crossing Over


I write this blog as life is about to cross over into a new direction. Thinking back to months previous to this, I said that things were going change drastically on 3/3/13. I sit here now, at 2:15 am with a ton of hope, love, and inspiration in my heart for what is to come. As it stands right now, I have the basics – my breath, my life, my gratitude. Tomorrow, I have two job interviews, and it remains to be seen where I’m going to be living and with whom. But I fear not. Heart is filled up with love and trust in divinity. I’ve been seeing a lot of 1s, 5s and 7s lately. So it seems everything is going in this synchronous flow. Even readings from the daily book of prayers and meditations, music and signs are all in sync. This includes the friends I’ve been conversing with over the last few days.

I went to the Ananda Ashrama today with Dillon Ross, and it was absolutely amazing… even more enlightening than the last time I was there three weeks ago. The choir was excellent today, and the sermon was just what I needed to hear for the current stage in my life. Today talked about going with the flow, trusting in divinity and doing what makes you happy. There was a good piece that Mother spoke about regarding fear, and I am glad to say that at this current moment, I am not fearful for what is in front of me, but rather excited. I see this as a big change for me – time to finally break free of everything that’s held me back for many years.

In addition to the service, I also met Mother. And at first I wasn’t sure that I could handle talking to her with her intense energy, but after seeing how warm and welcoming she was, I shook her hand and introduced myself as ‘Bhagavate.’ She gasped and gave me a hug, exclaiming, “The Divine is here with us!” This made me chuckle. The Ashram is becoming such a delightful place to me.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with friends, making music and getting ready for today’s life change. I feel so confident. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of those who stood by me, tolerated my ups and downs, and always believed in me.

I felt intrigued to open the Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers, and this is the lesson for today –

      Only when we are ready to give up without calculation or fear of results, are we able to do big things. Renunciation always brings freedom from self-limitation. It removes something that is alien to our true nature. When the bigger thing comes, the lesser thing is wiped out. The wiping out of the lesser leaves room for the larger, more heroic impulses of the heart.

 Namaste, my friends! 

~ Bhagavate Om

The week is nearly over but I thought I’d follow up to the blog on kirtan that I last posted. After a mighty Community Kirtan on Monday night, I began thinking about the longterm effects of those who sing.

A typical kirtan verse would begin with Govindas singing a selection of mantras/bhajans, and we as a group would respond by singing back. After a few rounds, a Kirtankar would be selected to sing the mantra solo. There were a few I really admired this night. Sure, we’ve got a lot of amazing voices that attend, but there are some that aren’t exactly ‘on pitch.’ What impresses me most about these people though, is their passion and confidence.

Truth is… everyone is able sing, and no one should hide their voice simply because they aren’t “good.” Good… Bad… Mediocre… These words are only perceptions. For example, I find myself often listening to the Shree Radhay Mantra by Sri Shyanji Bhatnagar.

Sri has a very thin voice, but the passion he displays through his words is readily noticeable. The words go straight to the heart…

So what are the real physiological effects of singing? ‘A study published in Australia in 2008 revealed that on average, choral singers rated their satisfaction with life higher than the public – even when the problems faced by those singers were more complex than those faced by the public.’ []. Singing decreases anxiety and stress, while like exercise, releases endorphins and releases more oxygen into the blood. Singing also emulates meditation by using the same deep breathing principles.

When you are part of a group, the feeling of belonging to the group often gravitates one away from the loneliness that combats many of us as we get older. In addition, a “stress-free” zone becomes concrete. Learning new songs, melodies, and harmonies play a great role in fending off depression.

Depending on the type of song being sung, doors to self-exploration swing open. Singing can unify a mass of people. Singing can heal pieces of our lives that we were unable to “fix” in any other way.

If you’re not convinced yet, An article on talks about prevention of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition that combines chronic bronchitis and emphysema, both of which are caused primary from smoking –  “Singing keeps the chest muscles active, which slows the COPD process.”

Bottom line – Everyone can sing. Everyone should sing. And many don’t like how their voice at first. I know I didn’t. But the more you get familiar with your voice, confidence comes, and the world becomes so much more wide open.

Sing on!


Just days after the passing of Shyamdas, an influential figure in the Western World’s Kirtan Movement , I have finally gotten around to posting this blog. After attending a beautiful candlelight vigil/Community Kirtan at Bhakti Yoga Shala, I feel a lot more of the Bhakti Way flowing through each DNA strand of my being.

Let’s start at the core first. What IS kirtan?  While kirtan translates to ‘praise’ or ‘eulogy’, many define it as call-and-response devotional singing/chanting to the many faces of Krishna. Kirtan involves chanting hymns and mantras, while instruments such as the harmonium, tabla, two-headed mrdanga, pakawaj drum and karatal hand cymbals are used to accompany the voice.

More about Kirtan and the Bhakti Movement can be found here –


Kirtan(a) has quickly become a big part of my life, and I find myself chanting these mantras or bhajans as I wake up, when in distress, while I move throughout my day, and before I go to bed. It gives me a sense of peace or, as I call it, “instant meditation.” Kirtan goes straight to the anahata or heart chakra. It is, in my opinion, one of the deepest gifts you can offer to the Universe. Some also say that it is the most rapid way to enlightenment or Samadhi.

In my experience in kirtan, I have been attending Bhakti Yoga Shala’s monday night ‘Community Kirtan,’ compromised of Kirtan Leader, Govindas, and percussionists Clay and Arjuna O’Neal. In addition to the bliss I feel every time I step through the door, I always walk out so much more connected to the divine; to Krishna. It is here I have found my inner voice, through chants like bolo bolo sab mil bolo om namah shivaya. To see a room light up through a mass of call-and-response, followed by ecstatic dance creates a vast warmth throughout my chakra system. The amount of happiness I feel is unparalleled.

When asked how to describe kirtan, I simply smile and say, “You need to come with me to experience this.”

Much gratitude and thanks to Govindas, Radha, Clay, Arjuna, Bhakti Yoga Shala and The Universe for putting such a passionate pulse to my life.

Namaste and Jai Ma!

Recommended Kirtan Artists

  • Shyamdas
  • Govindas & Radha
  • Jai Uttal
  • Deva Premal & Miten
  • Krishna Das
  • Bhagavan Das
  • Snatam Kaur




The Eight of Wands reversed can indicate significant delays, particularly with regard to travel or fast-moving plans. Despite having a lot of energy and enthusiasm to progress things forward, you are now being faced with multiple obstacles in your course. This is incredibly frustrating and you may be growing increasingly impatient by the day. Keep looking for alternative ways around the obstacles presented so that you can carry out your plans.

On the flipside, the reversed Eight of Wands suggests that you are charging ahead with an idea or plan but you need to slow down and consider your next steps before continuing. You may be missing something in your haste and prone to making mistakes. Similarly, this card can be a sign to hold off your activities for a short amount of time until the situation becomes more stable and predictable.

You may also be prone to having many, many ideas at the one time and not knowing which to pursue and when. Just as you get started on implementing one idea, another one comes to mind and you quickly switch your focus. The trouble is that with this approach, you never actually accomplish anything because you are jumping from one idea to the next without finishing any of them.

This card was pretty spot on with me. So I thought I would share🙂

Namaste, my friends!❤


As we get older and grow, we learn; we gain knowledge. As children, we play board games, card games, video games, read books, and inquire about the world around us.

Just the other day, I was watching two children interact, and it made me smile, seeing how full of curiosity and question they were. I feel as if we get older, and that quest for knowledge fades. We accept life as it is (I’m speaking from a viewpoint as a whole, not that there aren’t ones on the quest for knowledge). Many choose not to delve deeper into the abyss that is information they have not yet acquired. I contribute this to the ego.

How many times have you heard someone much older than you put their ego out there, saying, “ I am older than you. I know more. You should listen to me.”

But what about the younger generation that has also lived many lives previous to this one.

I know many younger souls that have similar abilities of reiki masters.

I love the times when I get an impulse to learn something, whether it be listening to new music, learning a new tidbit of information or a way to do something, etc.

Throughout my metaphysical journey, I have been connected to the Egyptian deity, Thoth. Thoth is noted as being the God of learning and wisdom. He was also the creator of writing.

Makes for the interesting thought… What if we were all to meditate upon Thoth and spark an artistic revolution? I challenge you… for one hour per day… Do something artistic. Learn something.

Learning is power. Never stop learning. Make art. Read a book. Talk to a stranger. Evolve. 

The fervor worked up during this Native American dance is the very similar energy I feel when dancing. Dance is a ritual that is evoked through the chakras that releases energy through the Shasrara (crown chakra) into the universe.

I feel that too many people are afraid to dance spontaneously. Say you’re out walking and the urge to burst into step from a wicked beat comes. Do you dance or remain ‘conformed’ due to how other people around you perceive you?

The same goes for meditation. Music connects the soul to the Universe, and there have been times where I would prop up against a speaker, close my eyes and transcend. At those same events, there have been times where I’d open my eyes to find someone had joined me in meditation. But more often than not, just like spontaneous dance,

Yesterday, a friend and I had a conversation about what ‘spiritual’ music is. He asked me to define ‘New Age’ music. The only thing I could come up with is ‘spiritual,’ but that is based on what the western world perceives ‘new age’ to be. Most music has spiritual elements attached to them. As long as you are not producing music to make the next smash hit (aka selling out), and put your soul into what you create, this would define the music as spiritual.

…I nearly lost my train of thought…

Back on track…

The bottom line is, don’t allow the conformity of society prevent you from being… YOU. We are all individual in our own quirky little way, and none of us have the right to judge another based on ANYTHING. So just do you. Because that’s all you can do. Show appreciation and gratitude for those things that touch you. And if you feel the need to become a part of the action, DO IT. Because THAT is how movements get started.

I hope all of you found bliss in the 2012 Winter Soulstice and your transition into The Golden Age was/is going well. I was going to write a blog post similar to this, but a friend, Peter Leonard Light, on Facebook, had written this piece on the Winter Soulstice.

Please read and enjoy!🙂 Any feedback can be directed to Peter Leonard Light’s Facebook.

If you truly know who you are, then all the problems of the world would be able to be solved. When someone asks you who you are, what do you say?? you may say “I’m Joe or Mary or Steven or Chris”, and they may say “I’m Fred or Peter or Lisa or Suzy”, and both of you may be quite pleased to have met each other, And Then you may say something like “I’m a doctor” and they may say “wow I’m a doctor also”. Now you may believe that you are alike based on the information exchanged (Name-occupation) ( but true likeness goes way deeper,(all will be made clear,continue reading)and you may think you have just made a friend since you have so much in common “both doctors”. Did you make a friend because of soul recognition or was it because of the belief or attachment to the (name/occupation-label)?? Now please let me explain. What is a name or label anyway?? A name or label is an energy classification, that classification can be a confinement(controlling system) or a liberating(freeing system). Since every idea(thought) carries actual weight and measure( magnitude-potential) All idea’s(thoughts) either confine or liberate energies based on their potentials or magnitudes. If one believes they are the label(Fred-Mary-Jane- A doctor-A martial artist-A chef(any example can go here) They are limited by the potential and magnitude of said label. If you think you are Fred then you shall be confined by what you think Fred is. The name or label is meant only as a way of classifying energy,example: there is a chair, there is a table. Labeling was not meant to be used as a confinement of that said energy. example: It’s just a chair, it’s just a table. The table and chair are of course both energy, they just have different appearances and uses based on form(vibration). When I say “beach ball” what do you see?? You may see a rainbow ball around 12-14 inch’s in diameter or a solid color one, a blue or maybe red, there are many many variations, but all in all, you saw a beach ball. The image in this case is not important, whats important is being aware that what you saw was energy as a classification(label) expressing itself as form. There can be many problems with classifying energy as one thing and not as another. The number one problem is the idea of Separation. The idea of separation is the idea of one thing being different than the other. example: The red ball-The blue ball. They are both energy, they are just express(vibrate) differently.Now if one has an attachment to either one more than the other, dualism is created.” How” you may say is dualism created by liking(attaching more thought to one(label) than another?? the answer is simple. This is a universe based on the principle of balance. To lean too far on one side of the teeter tooter causes imbalance and eventual ruin for all energy expressed irrespective of forms expressed. Since there is only one universe, to split(thought/ideas)(creates dualism) and that causes an energy imbalance and miss places energy(potentials) in this universe. That is one of the problems with labeling, if energy is mislabeled, dual thinking is created where by leading too the eventual ruin(deterioration) of all energy systems. If one adopts an idea system that encompasses the whole, all energy is sent out by thought in balanced wave forms and all systems are sustained.In order for that balanced idea system to be expressed all must know truth of their being and be willing to express that truth.WHO ARE WE??? How can we send out balanced though forms?? First lets start by finding common ground to stand from.True awareness of labeling can create common ground. Think about it this way. If you believe or think you are Mary,Joe,Steve or whatever label one chooses to adopt. Then what do you think will happen?? You will move(express vibration) based on what the label/classification wants you to express. Mary does as Mary does. But what if you knew the TRUTH of what Mary,Joe,Fred(label) really is?? What if you realized that in order to be even contemplating Mary.Joe,Fred(label), there must be a you and a Mary,Joe,Fred(label) An observer and an observee. Mary,Joe,Fred may not like you observing them because up until now you may have always thought you were (her/him)(label) But as you observe you will truly realize that she/he is just another label of classified energy. A label of content, of idea’s, opinions, ways of moving, ways of talking, and so forth. Now as you gain insight into your Mary,Joe,Fred(label) you may ask if i’m observing a Mary,Joe,Fred(label) and she is not me since I’m observing her/him, then who the heck am I??? This my friends is a beautiful turning point, this is the point leading to true freedom. This is the moment that you adopt a new perspective of your existence. Now since you may have asked “Who am I”??? I could just tell you, but then you may go “how the heck do you know” and it may start an argument and that will help none of us, so rather than tell you I’m going to show you how you can know who you are without me telling you. For a moment observe your Mary,Joe,Fred(label) ask her/him something like, “do you like the weather”??, now she/he may like or dislike the weather based on their individual opinion,the response is not important to that question. Now ask her/him this. If I’m talking to you and you are answering me, could I be you?? based on her/his amount of content that she/he has to associate with, she/he could say a whole bunch of stuff but ask again. “If I’m me am I you”(of course she is a part of you, i’m not saying she/he is separate in anyway, all that we are trying to figure out is if she/he is in our mind(created)by us or is us).The label will say NO, the reason why she/he will say NO, is because to Mary,Joe,Fred(label) she/he is the label and only the label and you can’t be the(label) because Mary,Joe,Fred is the label. Mary,Joe,Fred(label) is energy expressing as the classification of Mary,Joe,Fred(label). So what have we discovered so far?? we have seen that our idea system of who we think we are has a certain energy pattern and that pattern is expressed as the label(ego), and since you are clearly not the label(ego,false self) since the label can only be the label. You may be wondering why that matters, because it is impossible to honor yourself if you think yourself is something other than yourself. So Who are we?? Since the only thing that has been proven is that you are not your Mary,Joe,Fred(label-ego). Well it can be observed clearly that you are observing Mary,Joe,Fred( label)(ego) so at the very least that makes you an observer and that is very freeing to know that you are an observer rather than energy confined as a label. So at least now you know you are an observer since you are doing exactly that, observing. So what is it that we observe?? Well energy of course, because the whole universe is made of energy. So you are an observer of energy, observing energy. How do you observe, eyes,nose,ears all of your sense perceptions observe. For a moment observe your breathe,(nostril breathing) IN_OUT_IN_OUT Can you feel the cooling of your nostrils as you intake and the warming as you outtake?? That is you being more your authentic self than your label(ego) ever was, remember the label can only be the label it cannot be you. So you may still wonder what and who you are since all that has been proven so far is that you are an observer of energy that uses the senses to sense. So you observe and sense HMMM, Now you may ask why do I observe and sense??? Now we are really getting somewhere. Take your right hand and gently tickle the palm of your left hand and then take your left hand and gently tickle the palm of your right hand. Do you still need an answer as to why we observe and sense?? or was the feeling answer enough for you?? its very simple we have senses and are able to observe because we get to observe the sensations of this present moment, it is all about feeling and observing the feeling while it happens. You may say “wow,really”or “duh, knew that” but either way life is about being present for the sensing of life. You may again ask who you are?? Since all that has been proven is that you are an observer of the sensing in the present. You may hear”that’s it” in your mind, but that wasn’t you that said that, that was your Mary,Joe,Fred(label-ego) that said that, currently she/he is trying very hard to figure out exactly where she/he fits into all all of this, that is great because that is exactly what the ego is for. To make sure that you are in an aware and clear enough state to sense the present as it happens and to keep you from being in situations that are painful rather than pleasurable. Your ego(Mary,Fred,Joe) is meant to be the logical being that moves the sensing body into the situations that are more pleasurable than painful, it was never meant to be a confining idea system that moves one away from pleasure(there are many many examples, way too many to list of how the label(ego) has placed us into hurtful situations, the more patterns of this that we see the less we will move in them in the future. Seeing patterns is the key to limiting pain in the future) So now you know that you are an observer that has an idea system called(label) and it does what it wants when it is suppose to do what you want, and that is to put the body system in the most pleasurable situations with no harmful reproductions. Remember that everything is energy and all we can do is move, observe and sense energy. Our ego is the mover of our body system and is meant to put us into a place in space to maximize our sense perceptions. Since observing, sensing and moving energy is all we can do in this whole universe, does it make sense to make sure that it is pleasurable rather than painful??? So as you observe what do you choose?? Pleasure or Pain?? I guess i’ll just gently tickle my palm again for the answer🙂 You may be still wondering who you are but at least you know why you are here and what the ego(mover) is for. Can you answer me this?? Are you made up of energy?? YES. So clearly you are energy sensing and observing energy, and what is the universe made out of?? Energy. Are you getting what I’m saying???So since you an observer and you are sensing energy and you are made up of energy and the universe is made up of energy, is it safe to say that you and I are energy sensing itself, well if the universe is the energy we are sensing, who would that make us??? OBVIOUSLY WE ARE THE UNIVERSE. Since you are now aware of your true self(the universe) is it safe to say that sending energy to any one part more than another(dualism) causes an imbalance in yourself and will lead to eventual ruin?? that is why LOVE is universal, it is all inclusive, none are left out. The long time sun shines upon everyone.This is not to be confused with pain and pleasure. Pain and pleasure are merely scales of universal sense, like hot and cold are. We sense them we don’t send energy to them. They are there waiting for us to receive them, it is true that our movement patterns can put us in a place of pleasure and pain, but by choosing to sense a certain part of the scale and not another does not leading into dualism,its leads us into joy and bliss. If we are aware that all is the universe and that it has a scale of music that holds the whole together and a scale that tears everything apart. By being conscious of our thinking we can choose to no longer be destroyers of our self(universe) and finally and gloriously co-create with our self(universe). Send love and good feelings to your self, see through the ideas of separation, as we are one universe. Of course there are many many different parts, clearly we are all individual expressions of the whole, we just need to be aware of that to again co-create a shining masterpiece (a space of love that will last forever). I love you self🙂 Thank you for hearing and seeing.

Before I go anywhere with this, let’s define each of these processes:

  • Karma: the force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence
  • Dharma: In Hinduish, the religious and moral law governing individual and group conduct. In Buddhism, dharma is the universal truth common to all individuals at all times. In Jainism, dharma signifies moral virtue as well as the eternal life force
  • Vasana: the impressions remaining in the mind, the present consciousness of past (life) perceptions, knowledge derived from memory
  • Cause & Effect: refers to the philosophical concept of casualty in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event.
  • Law of Attraction: the name given to the belief that ‘like attracts like’ and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. For example, if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then according to the law of attraction, the envelope would “confirm” those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who decided to instead expect a cheque might, under the same law, find a cheque instead of a bill.

Furthermore, in The Yoga Sutras by the Sage Patanjali, he separates vasana into three categories – white vasana, pleasant behavior; black vasana, unpleasant behavior; and grey vasana, a mixture of both.

In the list above, some are voluntary processes, and some are not. Some may root to a place you are not aware of, and therefore, results happen to your dissatisfactory, while you question why and how (karma, white/black vasana). Then there are some that you attract (the law of attraction). And of course, the last two are dharma and cause & effect –

Dharma is known as an evolutionary force. As described by Deepak Chopra’s Book of Secrets, these are the main points that allow you to be ‘in the dharma’ –

  • You were ready to move forward
  • You were ready to pay attention
  • The environment supported you
  • You felt more expanded and free
  • You saw yourself as in some way a new person

This set of circumstances, both inner and outer, is what Dharma provides. So your reality will shift to meet these statements. On the backside of dharma though, is vasana. Suppose you weren’t ready. This is vasana. Embedded programming from the past. Ever find yourself stuck and unable to move forward? Vasana may be where you’re going wrong.

As an example, I’ll use some of my experiences –

In the past, I had this habit of once something goes good for me, I quickly falter back to old ways. I want to advance forward, but success hits and I have no idea how to deal with the security, so I fall back into old programming. The idea is to be happy right? When falling into ways of ‘darker dharma,’ you would be digging the hole deeper.

The correct action to take is dharma. Know that you are protected. Know that your environment will support you. You’re expanded, free and a new person.

Don’t get me wrong. I was the one that used to shun Los Angeles for being negative, but I was creating these experiences for myself. So not only was I indulged in vasana, but The Law of Attraction came into play as well – the vibration I put out came back to me and kept manifesting because that is how I willed it, even if it wasn’t a conscious choice.

From what I have experienced though, sometimes the law of attraction isn’t spot on. Suppose I went for a job interview, did my best, was convinced I already had the job, but got no callback. I willed this to my highest vibration to resonate with me. It didn’t happen. In this, the universe had other plans for me.

So where do karma and cause & effect come in? Do all sequences in this life result from karma or a specific cause? What if there was no cause or karmic tie; only an effect? Suppose a million dollars fell into your lap right now, unannounced. What was the cause? Did you do something karmically awesome to deserve this reward?

The word Karma means ‘action,’ and with that, we must ask ‘does karma have a beginning or end?’ The world is already evolving and de-evolving around you, and therefore, there is no way to tell where and when everything will come to a stop. So these first events, could go on ad infinitum.

The Book of Secrets also states, ‘The ultimate reality could be Being itself. Being doesn’t act; therefore, it is never touched by karma. If Being is the ultimate reality, the game of Vasana is over. Instead of worrying about cause and effect, which is the origin of all tendencies, one can simply say there is no cause and effect.’

So what is the TRUE solution?

The Universe is alive and well, and you, as a child of the universe are the same. Relate to the Universe as if it were a living, breathing organism. By doing so, you have formed a connection with a being like yourself. Take on the following habits –

  • Talk to the Universe
  • Listen for its reply
  • Be on intimate terms with Nature
  • See the life in everything
  • Carry yourself like a child of the Universe

Know that the world around you is connected, and talk to Her as so. Take note of the beauty around you. Use your senses. This is your world to create.